Job Fairs

Upcoming Job Fairs at LTHS: 

Starting in the Fall of 2022, local Bee Cave businesses can participate in a once a month, 4 hour job fair at Lake Travis High School. Unlike our Lake Travis region job fair in May, where more than 70 area businesses are invited to participate, this ongoing mini job fair effort will only be open to 5 businesses at a time. The business will register through our form below and if selected (first come first serve, and rotating each month so as many businesses as possible get a chance to participate), they will be responsible for setting up any equipment and swag they need to have the most impact on their day. 
The mini job fair will take place in one of the most trafficked areas of the school, with more than a thousand students passing through the hallway during the 4 hour session. We encourage all businesses that participate to follow best practices to achieve job hiring success: 
  • Send someone who is energetic, will stand up, will bring excitement and enthusiasm to potential applicants. Sitting down the whole time and waiting for students to come to you does not work, as we witnessed during our end of school year job fair in May of 2022. 
  • Bring swag! Students will gravitate toward tables with drinks, food, fun giveaways. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just inviting so that more visitors will come to your table. 
  • Be ready to hire on the spot if possible. Send someone who can make hiring decisions. Bring materials necessary. Have a quick application on an iPad that they can fill out? A QR code they can scan to apply on their phone? Make it easy and fun! The best success we have seen is from businesses that take action immediately. If its not possible, try to get as much administrative stuff out of the way at the fair (job application, mini interview), so that the student is invested already in the position. 
  • Sell yourself! Remember, we are in a staffing crisis environment and kids are busy these days! Anything you can do to tell them what the benefits are for them will be helpful. What kind of culture does your business have? What kind of skills will they learn that will serve them long term? Can you provide a great reference for college? Do you have a super flexible schedule? These are all selling points! 
  • Be on time. As we are limiting these mini job fairs to five businesses per month, please be respectful and show up when needed and be ready to go so you can all find success. Businesses that register, are chosen and do no show up will not be chosen for another mini fair but will have to wait until the large annual job fair in May. 
The City of Bee Cave and LTHS is taking on this effort to help YOU! We want our area businesses to have more opportunities to attract talent and as we know transportation is an issue when coming from far away, we hope you can fill in some of your positions with local kids who want to be a part of their community’s success! 
Want to participate?  Send your information to Dori Kelley, Communications Specialist with the City of Bee Cave. [email protected]