Worker Bee Appreciation Card

Donate to Worker Bee Gas Card Fund here! All donations are matched by the City of Bee Cave's Economic Development Corporation.

In partnership with the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce, the City of Bee Cave is rolling out a new gas card program between now and the end of the year.

This concept originated at Mayor King’s last business roundtable from one of our small businesses, Ben Archer - State Farm Insurance.

Mr.Archer and eight other businesses kicked off the program by each contributing $380 into the initial gas fund, which allowed us a chance to request a $15,000 match from the Economic Development Board - which they granted!

This program will run through December of 2022.

Gas Card Program:

  • Only business owners or managers can apply monthly for $50 gas cards for every eligible employee.
  • Only business owners or managers can pick up approved gas cards.
  • Gas cards will be for HEB gas pumps.

Business Eligibility:

  • The business is a brick-and-mortar business in Bee Cave City Limits
  • The business applying will contribute to the upcoming 78738 Worker Appreciation Card and/or has given a minimum of $380 into the gas fund program.
  • The business’ brick-and-mortar location employs 75 workers or less
  • The business is a for-profit business
  • The business owner or manager applies for all eligible workers monthly
  • The business will attach property tax information for real and personal property paid for the past five years
  • Business owners or managers must submit a monthly application on behalf of eligible workers

Application process:

  • The business owner or manager must pick up cards for approved applications at City Hall on the date given between 9:30a-11:30a or 1p-4:40p.
  • Gas cards not picked up will be returned to the program.

Worker eligibility:

  • Commutes 15 miles or more to the business address in the Bee Cave City Limits
  • Works a minimum of 30hrs per week
  • Makes $65,000 per year or less

For questions or further information, please contact:

Dori Kelley: [email protected]